2013-2014 NSW Legislative Assembly Pecuniary Interest Disclosures

Here are the individual disclosure forms for each member of the NSW Parliament Legislative Assembly. They make up the 2013-2014 register of disclosures “presented to Parliament pursuant to the Constitution (Disclosures by Members) Regulation 1983”.

Follow the links below for PDFs of the MP’s completed form. They range in size from less than 1 MB to about 15 MB.

If any of the entries are mismatched let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Presently, the only other way to access these files is via one big unsearchable PDF. Breaking them up into individual, labeled files is the first step towards making them more accessible.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the work of Henare Degan, Jamie Pillora and everyone who came to the #nswvotes meetup this week and made it such a fun night.

Big thanks to Chris Nilsson for melting his computer to ORC these documents. Much of the text in the documents can now be searched. I’ve replaced all the files on archive.org with the ORC’d versions Chris supplied.


  1. Download the Register of Disclosures by Members of the Legislative Assembly as at 30 June 2014 (Volumes One and Two), via a NSW Legislative Assembly Tabled Paper Search. It’s in two separate, massive PDF documents. Sadly these are scans of the forms submitted by MPs. Some have been filled digitally and some have been hand written. Believe it or not, but even in 2014 it looks like at least one of the documents was filled out using a typewriter.
  2. Separate the individual forms out of the PDF into individual forms. For Volume One I had the out put from Jaimie’s script, which was a folder containing a image for each page, for each individual form. I used an Automator Workflow to sew the individual images back into PDFs with a page for each sheet. Unfortunately I had to target each folder, one-by-one (if anyone works out how to do a loop like this successfully please let me know). For Volume Two I manually pulled apart the individual forms from the big PDF using Preview.
  3. Rename each PDF with the name of the MP it belongs to. I named them using the names on NSW Parliament’s website. These are the commonly used versions of their names, rather than what they entered on their form. For example Giovanni (John) Domenic Barilaro has the file name ‘Barilaro_John.pdf’. I went last name first for the file names, so they can be easily sorted alphabetically by last name.

Maybe someone can run through this process for the 2012-2013 register.